Video update for Haven

Haven 18Broadway NE adjusted sm

Jarret Mellenbruch, who received one of the first Rocket Grants in 2010 to build a prototype Haven beehive (installed in the gardens at 18/Broadway in Kansas City) is featured in this short video made by KCPT. In it, you can follow the way his project has grown over the years, advancing towards his goal of … Continue reading

Get Your Grow On & Visit Haven


Today and tomorrow, all around Kansas City, the Urban Farms and Gardens Tour will be happening. Click on the link to get information about all the sites! One of them is the DST 18Broadway Gardens, and Jarrett Mellenbruch will be on site both days to talk about his working sculpture and the bees. If you … Continue reading

Haven is now working in the garden!

Haven 18Broadway close up corrected sm

Here are some photographs of Jarrett Mellenbruch’s Haven now that it has been fully installed in the DST 18Broadway Garden in downtown Kansas City. The bees are completely settled into their new home in this beautiful, sustainable urban garden, and can be see coming and going from their elegant, innovative hive high above the ground.  The … Continue reading

Concept rendering

Although still in development, please visit my project’s accompanying website. I’m posting lots of great stuff there and you can check in for updates to my blog while learning more about the issues Deep Ecology 1 is addressing.

Test frame

Bees building new honeycomb on Corian test frame

I went to check on my hives yesterday and took this shot of the bees building new honeycomb. When the comb is brand new the beeswax is very white. I will offer them more frames to build on soon in anticipation of the fall nectar flow.


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