Congratulations to Leralee Whittle – Forces!


2010-2011 Rocket Grants award winner Leralee Whittle has just received a Puffin award to support the development of a new work with Paul Sprawl, entitled “STRANGER FRIEND”. To read more about this project visit Leralee’s web site at Here also is a link to another new work in progress called PARTS that is a preparation … Continue reading

Video Excerpts for the WorkArtOut performance


Leralee Whittle ~ Forces presents WorkArtOut this Weekend!

potential WAO postcard

WorkArtOut is a contemporary dance performance including video, dance and live music. Videos by Leralee Whittle feature her making time–based art in gyms and sports complexes across America. Leralee Whittle also directs, choreographs and dances with performers Marianne Evans–Lombe, Annie Wilsey and Anne Bruce. Paul Sprawl provides musical compositions and live music. Made possible with the support of a Rocket … Continue reading

WorkArtOut will premiere November 12 in Kansas City and November 13 in Lawrence!

3 in White WAO ducks in a row

WorkArtOut features video of Leralee Whittle making time – based art in gyms and sports complexes across America and live music by Paul Sprawl. Direction, choreography and contemporary dance by Leralee Whittle in collaboration with performers Marianne Evans – Lombe, Annie Wilsey and Anne Bruce. WorkArtOut is a multimedia performance about the funny, strange ways people act … Continue reading

Hot Head

LaLeeLee on Tour 2 038

This is another of 10 videos for my Video Installation Performance. I thought the environments and movements made sense together. If nothing else there is the color yellow, ridiculous repetitive movement (riffing off what you see at gyms), my own take on narcissistic dance and Captain Beefheart!

“In Disguise” for WorkArtOut

LaLeeLee on Tour 2 013

I just finished editing this video for Paul Sprawl’s song “In Disguise”.  I generated body languages based on a young, male character from Thin Skin by Sam Shepard. He’s been jilted for being a liar and is aimlessly wandering through the Silicon Valley suburbs. The dance is about being stuck in a town and in … Continue reading

Bringing a maternal aspect into the sports arena

I’ve found a couple of women (who are mothers) in Lawrence to include in the show. Marianne, a visual artist working with paper and performance has written a very interesting piece about her son’s recent experience of falling in love with the KU basketball team. Marianne writes about the ways his passion for sports has … Continue reading

New Inspiration

I just back from the West Coast where I participated in a workshop with Meg Stuart (Contemporary Performance choreographer) and witnessed a performance by a young San Francisco artist, Alicia Ohs. Their work inspired me to bring more live theatricality into this project and to include audience participation. I’m considering starting the performance with audience … Continue reading


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