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    lost ark

    We want to thank all of the amazing artists that participated in the Discrete Curiosity cabinet displays. It was wonderful to hear them present their work in the context of other objects, and we look forward to watching their careers continue to flourish. Many thanks to the Charlotte Street Foundation, the KU Spencer Museum of Art, … Continue reading

    Discrete Curiosity Displays the work of Cheryl Eve Acosta and Michael Curry


        The Discrete Curiosity Project recently launched the exhibit of another round of amazing artist work.  This month the cabinet, located at JOCO library’s Central Resource Branch, is hosting the 3-D plotted wonders of Michael Curry and the material explorations of Cheryl Eve Acosta.  Michael’s work features a prosthetic hand, lego-zombies, and a host of … Continue reading

    This Saturday, Discrete Curiosity launches new artist work


    This Saturday, July 12th at 3:00 pm, The Discrete Curiosity Project will launch its second round of artist work at the Johnson County Library Central Resource Branch.  July’s cabinet features the work of Cheryl Eve Acosta and Michael Curry.  Cheryl is the creator of wearable art, and Michael is an innovator in the 3D print … Continue reading

    This Saturday Discrete Curiosity launches Set 01: “HYBRID” artist work

    For us, art is a process of exploration and constant research.  It’s taking something common to an uncommon extreme. This Saturday Yair Keshet and Elizabeth Lovett are pleased to present the first round of artist work to be displayed in the Discrete Curiosity cabinet. In this set of objects we’ve found a thread of investigations … Continue reading

    The Discrete Curiosity Project launches its first exhibition of artist work, June 14, 3PM.


        Please join Elizabeth Lovett and Yair Keshet from 2011 Rocket Grants Award winning project Discrete Curiosity as they debut their innovative display system for  artists’ work in public spaces. The Johnson County Public Library, Central Resources Branch, 9875 West 87th Street,Overland Park, KS 66212 June 14, 2014, 3pm The library will host the launch of the Discrete Curiosity … Continue reading

    Discrete Curiosity is Live!


    The curiosity cabinet is alive and making its way around the Kansas City downtown. Showcasing the KC area talent and mixing in some outsiders, this rover is sure to inspire you to find the connections between your own curiosities and the pursuits of others.  Stay tuned for location announcements and artist introductions. More information about … Continue reading

    Ace of Base


    Exciting news for Discrete Curiosity: Progress has changed from fabricating hundreds of pieces to assembling them back into larger components. We are happy (and admittedly a little relieved) that our 5-sided polygonal base has come together so smoothly. All of the final measurements are within our established tolerances. The faces of the base provide the foundation … Continue reading

    Discrete Curiosity Update!

    Epoxy Infused Internal Connection Brackets

    Thanks to all who have been so patiently following our project.  There has been a lot going on behind the scenes in constructing the cabinet.  We now have all of the pieces and parts to assemble the structural frame of the cabinet, with only the base panels left to finish.  The frame was particularly important … Continue reading

    Discrete Curiosity: From Digital to Physical


    Discrete Curiosities is happy to announce that we have (finally) successfully crossed the threshold between our digital design and its physical manifestation.   The approximately 420 unique panels made from either a combination of fabric and dyed resin or from a stained birch are now happily labeled, collated and ready for assembly. This was very much … Continue reading

    Discrete Curiosity Live!


    The Discrete Curiosity Project has launched its website, announcing the “SET” categories and the call for submission.  Check it out to see what we’ve been up to and how you can participate! http://www.discretecuriosity.com .


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