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Films, Stories and Poems Exhibited at the Percolator

FILMS Themes and Variations for the Naked Eye by Caitlin Horsmon     Click to watch the film 6mm, color, optical sound; 11 minutes. Themes and Variations for the Naked Eye borrows objects from the still life and transforms them through the use of the extreme close-up.  A curious character evokes sensuality through touch, taking the audience … Continue reading

Artwork Exhibited at the Percolator

Thinking About My Food Choices

Elizabeth Schultz and Judy Carman

judy and beth 2

Click HERE to Listen In this conversation Judy Carman and Elizabeth Schultz share their perspectives on society’s relationship with animals and the importance of interacting with animals on a daily basis. These two women work tirelessly to change the contemporary status quo and treatment of animals. In the interview Judy shares insights from her book … Continue reading

Closing Reception

Perco 2

The Coop: On Location

Photo 4

Photo by Nicholas Ward The coop created for the Story of Chickens: A Revolution, was initially intended to house five chickens. The purpose of this was to create a venue for closer engagement between humans and animals in the urban environment. Due to conflicts with the city code, the coop will travel empty and will … Continue reading

Story of Chickens: Call for submissions


The Story of Chickens: Project Update

Through this project, I made a commitment to unveil what I have found to be the abstracted and passive experience of our disengagement with the animals we consume. “The Story of Chickens”’ intent is to provide an opportunity for this engagement. The average American’s interaction with food is at best a passive one. By this … Continue reading

Update on “The Story of Chickens”


Artist Amber Hansen, whose project, “The Story of Chickens” received support from a 2011 Rocket Grant, is currently in the process of reconfiguring plans in light of communications received from the City of Lawrence, KS, indicating the project was against city ordinances, and in response to community feedback. A full description of the reconfigured project … Continue reading

Interview with Professor Donald D. Stull

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN While seeking local individuals who have invested time into the study of the poultry industry, I was pleased to discover the book titled, Slaughterhouse Blues: The Meat and Poultry Industry in North America.   (Wadsworth, 2012).  The second updated and expanded second edition, which came out in February, includes a chapter on … Continue reading


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