Premiere Screenings of Lessons from Exes!

Upcoming in December 2017: two free, public, premiere screenings of Lessons from Exes, an 11-minute short film about the lessons that remain after your ex is long gone. Both shows will feature [...]


September 8th, 6-10 p.m. September 9th, 6-10 p.m. 50/50, 1628 Wyoming St., Kansas City, Missouri 64102 50/50 presents two evenings of six facilitators conducting hourly workshops in response to [...]

The Liminal and the Limitless at 50/50

THE LIMINAL AND THE LIMITLESS June 17th – August 4th, 2016 50/50, 1628 Wyoming St., Kansas City, Missouri 64102 The Liminal and the Limitless features the work of Stephen Proski (KC), [...]

FIFTY at FIFTY FIFTY opens Friday, Apr. 15th

April 15th – June 3rd, 2016 50/50, 1628 Wyoming St., Kansas City, Missouri 64102 In this exhibition over fifty resources are presented by half local and half national artists, musicians, [...]

50/50’s next exhibition SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF opens Friday, Feb. 19th

    February 19th – April 2nd 1628 Wyoming St., Kansas City, Missouri 64102 Brook Hsu (CT) Annie Woodfill (KC) Caitlin Horsmon (KC) Billboard by: Mariah Randell (KC) Inherent to [...]

Celebrate the Real Christmas Story at Maker Village KC!

This Sunday evening, December 20th, 7.30 PM, at Maker Village KC, 606 E 31st St, Kansas City, Missouri 64109 Come cozy up with local artists Jori Sackin, Alex Savage, Lindsey Griffith, and LA [...]

50/50 bridging local and national arts in Kansas City

Check out this great new interview in Temporary Art Review with Cambria Potter and Hannah Lodwick from 2014 Rocket Grant funded project 50/50, TODAY, December 12, at 3 PM, the first of the 50/50 [...]

50/50’s next exhibition THINGS TO BE READ opens Friday, Oct. 16th

October 16th – December 4th 50/50, 1628 Wyoming St., Kansas City, Missouri 64102 Patricia Bordallo (KC) Brett Ginsburg (KC) Julian Chams (NY) Kameelah Janan Rasheed (NY) Billboard by: [...]

Delays, Denials, and Progress

Are you familiar with the term “Hollywood-ing”? –It takes its inspiration from Hollywood, California. The idea is that when someone “in the (movie) Industry” is [...]

The Technology of Performance

            In its initial version Guest Writer’s Revenge was more like a karaoke performance, with words appearing on a monitor so participants could read along. Over time, its developer, Colin [...]

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