Hello Kansas City  This evening, at the Tivoli Theater in Westport,  the Mini Vinnie Bini will be showing it’s second video showcase.  It will be completely free and open to the public.  Please join us for some weird and wonderful art videos,  which we recorded while at the Venice Biennale this year.    VIDEO SHOWCASE #2  FREE … Continue reading

Election Day

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 4.59.34 PM

LTVL lead political correspondent Biff Beluga takes interest in the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association (ELNA) election when an unprecedented number of candidates put themselves up for the race. After further in-depth sleuthing Biff discovers that some of these new candidates had never previously been to an ELNA board meeting while a number of other incoming … Continue reading

That Stuff Is Toxic!!! Let It Go!!!


Hey Adriane! Everybody has toxic stuff around the house: flammable, poisonous, or worse. As I said in our last post, in Kansas City, you take the electronics to the West Bottoms, but bad crap that doesn’t have a plug or a battery goes to the East Bottoms. I’m talking paint thinner, I’m talking pesticides and … Continue reading

Julie’s TV


Hey Adriane! Remember that night when you photographed me and Julie carrying her TV to my car (I carried the TV and she carried the plug)? I finally took it to the Surplus Exchange in the West Bottoms and they took it off my hands, literally. Surplus Exchange is one of the few places in … Continue reading

Cracked Screens and More Broken Communication


Hey Adriane! I met a young woman at the T-Mobile store right beside the Paragraph Gallery in downtown Kansas City. Her name is “J” (not her real name), and she’s an Environmental Studies major (her real course of study!)! J got excited when I told her we’re encouraging people to get their old cellphones out … Continue reading

Mini Vinnie Bini Kick Off – Monday night!!

2 Blanket at the Arsenale

Join Year of Dreams travelers and Kansas City arts impresarios Blanket Undercover for an update on performance installments at the Running of the Bulls, Festa Redentore & The Venice Biennale. . *ALSO* a sneak preview/ kick off to the super incredible upcoming MINI VINNIE BINI, a city-wide, Rocket Grants awarded, recreation of the Venice Biennale … Continue reading

Delays, Denials, and Progress

Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA --- Hollywood Sign --- Image by © Robert Landau/CORBIS

Are you familiar with the term “Hollywood-ing”? –It takes its inspiration from Hollywood, California. The idea is that when someone “in the (movie) Industry” is approached and they don’t want to actually work with their approacher, they retort that they’ll “have my people, get with you/your people”. They do this as a euphemism to save face. … Continue reading

The Technology of Performance


            In its initial version Guest Writer’s Revenge was more like a karaoke performance, with words appearing on a monitor so participants could read along. Over time, its developer, Colin Bright Eagle O’Keefe, has changed the format of the computer program (Guest Writer) considerably. Guest Writer’s debut performance in April as … Continue reading

Columbus Park Concrete Pour Postponed


Scheduling challenges have postponed today’s concrete pour. Thanks if you were planning to come out, and we will let you know when the rescheduled pour will take place!

Columbus Park – Build Days This Weekend At The Skate Park


This coming Friday and Saturday, September 11 & 12, Harrison Street DIY will be working on the build out of the 2015 Rocket Grants awarded project The Columbus Park Skate Park. As part of the overall scope of the project, members of the public are invited to come and help – and learn how to … Continue reading


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