Lessons from Exes: How to Take a Pill

how to take a pill

Lessons from Exes has some lessons for you!  We have recorded interviews with about thirty women in Kansas City and Lawrence, and the edited versions, each about two minutes long, are ready for a listen.  A few samples are below.  Listen, and learn: how to take a pill; how to hit a golf ball; how … Continue reading

Black Lives Matter Coloring Books – Creatives wanted


One Struggle KC and Una Lucha KC are seeking creatives to complete 2 Black Lives Matter coloring books with story lines . One will focus on children, the other on adults. Creatives will be paid and asked to collaborate with others on the project. Applications due by 5:00 PM, Monday, July 13. Project information at: … Continue reading

Part 1: The Banality Series


Listen to Joseph Keehn describe his process for The Banality Series – on view at University of Missouri Kansas City at Miller Nichols Library through August 30, 2015.   Transcription of recording, Joseph Keehn speaks: “Today is June 12, 2015 and it is 2:10 pm.  I am currently on the second floor of Miller Nichols … Continue reading

Art is Long, Life is Short: Encouraging Awareness to Become Engagement


As I walk into Richard and Michele Fritz’ home studio I am greeted by a handmade stop-motion set that takes up most of the entryway. It is composed of carefully detailed streets, buildings and overpasses, and is as brightly colored as a kids’ television program. Its purpose, however, is to tell a darker story. . … Continue reading

“Rest Assured You Are [Now] Under Video Surveillance”


Last night the art team for the “Rest Assured You Are Under Video Surveillance” project finished installing the piece at the Cider Gallery in Lawrence, where it will make its debut today. “Rest Assured” confronts viewers with the question “Does surveillance really promote peace and comfort?” by inviting them into a zen garden that is … Continue reading

Very grateful to all of the funders for their support of “Center of the Universe”!!

Maura Garcia leaping on sidewalk - Photo credit to Jenny Wheat

After hearing from the other grantees, I am excited to be in such good company :)  Looking forward to seeing how all of the projects unfold and progress.

More Practical than Heartache

Screen shot 2015-04-26 at 7.51.21 PM

When a relationship ends you usually hear about the heartache, the emotional roller coaster, the pain in your stomach that feels like little monsters chomping up your organs. Almost no one talks about the odd, practical things they may have learned from the experience before it went awry. Spending romantic time with another human teaches … Continue reading

Maker Village KC Project with Longfellow Farm


Coming up on May 30th, Maker Village KC will be helping Longfellow Farm build harvest tables for the vacant lots at 30th and Harrison that they have transformed into a community garden! The volunteer crew that comes to help build the tables will get a safety training and tool orientation, and will be empowered to … Continue reading

Awards announced for 2015-2016 Rocket Grants Program!


Charlotte Street Foundation and the KU Spencer Museum of Art proudly announce twelve new Rocket Grants (nine Full Project Awards and three Research & Development Awards) making up the largest package of funding in the program’s six year history! $64,000 was awarded by the 2015 Selection Panel (Rashayla Marie Brown, David Wilson, Amber Hansen and … Continue reading


guestwriter promo

Just in case you didn’t already have enough reasons to attend Yeah No I Mean It, this weekend’s performance art symposium at La Esquina, here’s one more: GuestWriter is getting an in-progress test run Thursday night!  Lindsey Griffith and Charlie Mylie (2/3 of the GuestWriter team, along with programmer Colin O’Keefe) will be doing a … Continue reading


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