Session #4 – July 24, 2010

Our guest teachers and friends, Flannery Cashill and Jimmy Fitzner, opened students’ minds to the world of sound. We are working toward creating an experience for our upcoming performance, [...]

New Inspiration

I just back from the West Coast where I participated in a workshop with Meg Stuart (Contemporary Performance choreographer) and witnessed a performance by a young San Francisco artist, Alicia [...]


The Center for the Advancement of Transmodern Awareness will soon be manifest on the physical plane. A beautiful storefront has been located in the historic Columbus Park neighborhood in Kansas [...]

Session #3 – July 17, 2010

Session #2 – July 10, 2010

Favorites from our presentation on “Top Animal Adaptations” : Then we made up a dancing game where students moved like their creatures. The bird above is called the [...]

Brainstorm Initiated

The past three weeks, WE! artists have begun brainstorming on the concepts, design, and structure of each of the performance environments. The creative energy being produced by this fantastic [...]

Session #1 – June 26, 2010

Here’s the basic idea of our Endless Boundless introduction: Have you ever seen a life-size diorama? A whole scene depicting a momentary glimpse of life in the wile– Well, picture [...]


Test frame

I went to check on my hives yesterday and took this shot of the bees building new honeycomb. When the comb is brand new the beeswax is very white. I will offer them more frames to build on soon [...]