Concept rendering

Although still in development, please visit my project’s accompanying website. I’m posting lots of great stuff there and you can check in for updates to my blog while learning more about the issues Deep Ecology 1 is addressing.


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  1. Hey, I like your project. Have you seen Jaume Plensa’s “The House of Birds” ? Maybe some resonance there.

  2. Mellenbruch says:

    Thanks for your interest, Leralee. I looked up Plensa’s piece and find it quite beautiful. I am always glad to be introduced to a piece I have never seen before by an artist I respect.

    From what I can tell Mr. Plensa’s sculpture is designed primarily as metaphor as it doesn’t seem that birds are intended to actually utilize it for shelter.

    The primary goal of Deep Ecology 1 is to operate on a functional level as well as an aesthetic one. Thus a big part of the challenge for me has been addressing the needs of the honeybee inhabitants during this crisis period for their species, while at the same time meeting the viewer’s sense of beauty.

    I’m excited to see how WorkArtOut develops.

    1. Thanks for your interest in WAO.

      I understand you’re working conceptually different from Plensa. . Though you both have a poetic connection to small white houses erected in honor of creatures of flight and share an agenda for the human to take pleasure in sculpture (you’re inviting us to “take a restful pause and be transported to a timeless pastoral ideal”), there’s a clear functionality to a refuge for bees. I appreciate your ecohomes, pesticide free dwellings, places for bees to take a break from being exploited for their honey… I appreciate your effectual, attractive bee houses serving the longevity of the hygienic Apis mellifera on this planet.

  3. ASP/SPA/PAS says:

    I just checked out your website – looks great and very informative. What is your background in? Architecture? Sculpture? Ecology? Beekeeping?


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