“In Disguise” for WorkArtOut

I just finished editing this video for Paul Sprawl’s song “In Disguise”.  I generated body languages based on a young, male character from Thin Skin by Sam Shepard. He’s been jilted for being a liar and is aimlessly wandering through the Silicon Valley suburbs. The dance is about being stuck in a town and in a life while external forces work on you.  I combined this footage shot in a raquet ball court with footage of a young man practicing hip hop, with whom I shared an aerobics/dance room at a fitness center.


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  1. julia says:

    Fantastic, Leralee! The footage is simply compelling. The figure in the racquet ball court looks like a fly in a box… The music is fabulous too, really opens up the emotional content of your narrative and these strange spaces.

    1. Thanks Julia. I like the fly in a box image. I agree with you about the music. Paul has such a talent for engaging emotion in an understated manner.

  2. ASP/SPA/PAS says:

    Yea. You certainly have a knack for what you do. After seeing a performance you did at B-moved studio in Lawrence, I was inspired to start thinking about some of my own thoughts and how they could be translated into physical movements. Your like an animation – and I mean that in a good way.


    1. Cool P. Glad you’ve thought about how some of your own thoughts could be translated into physical movements. Hey, if you’re interested, come to my improv class at Be Moved, Tuesdays at 4pm, starting Sept 21…we can animate together. What can I do to get involved with ASP/SPA/PAS? I’m going to your website to find out…

  3. janegotch says:

    This is beautiful and inspiring. I love the way that you mirrored rhythms and form from cut to cut. Exchanging and expanding the shapes and forms from scene to scene. I agree with Julia that Paul’s music brought forward the emotional depth present in this hood sweatshirt being.

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