Product Placement


I’m back in KC from 6 weeks of east coast work and play where ‘Product Placement’ officially began on the testing grounds at Art OMI- an international artist residency program in Ghent, NY. The first week I hit the ground running. The second week I was deep in thought and questioning everything. The third week- like the many balloons I was working with-everything expanded. Removing the pressure of deadlines–the methodology of my artistic practice expanded as I was able to experiment and sketch formally & conceptually, full scale, 1:1. New content and ideas about ‘Product Placement’ emerged through diligent play and the multifaceted conversations and studio visits I had with fellow artists, and visiting writers, curators, historians, and gallerists.


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  1. Your residency sounds inspiring and fruitful. I’m curious about the expansion of Product Placement. What a relief to be free of deadlines for awhile to let ideas and synthesis happen more purely.

    Now that you’re back, I’d love to meet with you for lunch and talk about the evolution of your project and get your opinion about the installation part of our project.

    Thanks for your post,

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