Some Historical Precedent

Manifesto written by Robert Rauschenberg and Billy Kluver in 1967

In 1967 artist Robert Rauschenberg and engineer Billy Kluver collaboratively wrote a manifesto outlining the aims of Experiments in Art and Technology(E.A.T.) The organization’s cofounders expressed the “urgency…for a new awareness and sense of responsibility” regarding the relationship between art and technology.


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  1. julia says:

    Coincidentally, I was commissioned to make a collaborative, interactive “experience” for the EAT reunion in Seattle 8 or 9 years ago. I got to meet Billy Kluver, and see a lot of work that came out of that explosion of relationships -between art and technology certainly, but between artists and audience, thinkers and doers, method and magical unknowns. It was an amazing era that still resonates today…

    1. ASP/SPA/PAS says:


      That is quite the coincidence but knowing your involvement with InDA (at KCAI) and the Rocket Grants, makes sense. You have certainly been dedicated to the blurry edges where disciplines mingle and cross.

      I was doing research on Art/science interaction and came across the E.A.T. project. I thought it was interesting – science and technology are sort of interchangable, and if you replace the word ‘science’ for the word ‘technology’ in the pictured excerpt from Rauchenberg and Kluver’s manifesto, it certainly connects with what we are doing (ASP/SPA/PAS) but also Deep Ecology I, and The Center for Advancement of Transmodern Awareness, and really the Rocket projects in general.

      And it is very true, 43 years later these ideas still resonate, are still important, still need our attention. I think this is because technology and science are constatntly evolving, and so is our concept of art, so we must continuously re-evaluate their relationships. In the long run it is definitely a good thing, although there are also plenty of art/sci/tech total flops which are fun to look at. It is important to keep that in perspective, not all collaboration is good or makes sense. I feel like a lot of people in the art /sci community try to force it and it often times just doesn’t work.

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