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open this pdf to find out how you can contribute to ASP/SPA/PAS


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  1. julia says:

    It is interesting that the the word “pas” also means “step” in French (and is probably the root of the usage in the “not” or negative construction in French, by a convoluted linguistic road). A step, of course, can be in any direction/energy: “passage” implying moving through, forwards or backwards, towards or away from, “trespass” a subversive act across a boundary, “impasse” a stasis, blockage). The kind of stepping that may be of great relevance to our time is a cyborgian movement, in which each next step is completely re-evaluated after the completion of the previous one, rather than our more typical, gravity-driven, headlong rush that ensues after making an initial choice of direction…

    1. ASP/SPA/PAS says:


      Excellent observation. When we came up with the concept for this publication, and decided on PAS as one of our acronyms, we were kind of stretching to tie in the French definition. We did assign someone to research the etymology of the word and their findings will be used for the printed publication.
      Do you have much French language background, or just a word enthusiast? If you are interested in submitting something to the PAS issue, let me know.
      Thanks again for the comment.


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