Light Waste

The screen reveals the fascism of the eye. What an awkward stage of cultural growth, when the integral totality of the human being can be so easily devalued by the tantrums of optical addiction. [...]


Jane Gotch (director and performer) and Leralee Whittle (co-collaborator and performer) will be presenting tidbits of their incubating improvisation at the Urban Culture Project Studios at City [...]

Copaken Brooks donates space to WE!

The artists of WE! would like to thank Copaken Brooks, Town Pavilion, Jon Copaken, and Ryan Biery.  They have generously donated a half floor space at Town Pavilion, 12th and Main to be used as [...]


What happens when you cross a boundary to enter a space? Does the agency of the space affect your perspective as you transgress the border from its outside to its inside? Does Apple want you to [...]

Johnny America issue #8 release: Kansas City

Thanks to everyone who showed up to The Bourgeois Pig last Saturday for our Lawrence issue eight release party. We’re having one more release, this time in Kansas City, our first release [...]

dimensions of entry

We found  a 7 sided flower inlay imbedded in the tile of C.A.T.A’s  entry way.  In embrace of this indigenous geometry, we’re going to lazer-cut a floor tile sequence for each of the [...]

Leralee Whittle ~ Forces presents WorkArtOut this Weekend!

WorkArtOut is a contemporary dance performance including video, dance and live music. Videos by Leralee Whittle feature her making time–based art in gyms and sports complexes across America. [...]

Screen, ink, paper: Printing the cover of Johnny America #8

One of my favorite parts of Johnny America is creating the screen-printed cover. The process is fairly laborious but the results are always rewarding, especially when you see the extent of your [...]


The Center for the Advancement of Transmodern awareness is well on its way to beginning. Physical, psychical, and ontological construction is stabilizing with preparations to reach full potential [...]