Light Waste


The screen reveals the fascism of the eye.

What an awkward stage of cultural growth, when the integral totality of the human being can be so easily devalued by the tantrums of optical addiction.

But it’s more than just the eyes.

We are fully suspended in the realm of non-linear imagineering.

Interpenetrating each other with sourceless streams of resampled sarcasm.

The quantization of identity has become the new commodity.

The body toils so that the “I” can frolic in the near limitless expanses of the virtual play space.

The new mantra is “I am a self-publishing super-position of symbolic Self”

The physical neglect which is offered in exchange for the light of gnostic revelry is inexcusable.

Imagine the global mass of bodies hunched over laptops, in postures of damnation, peering into the portals of opiation.

Imagine, even more terrifying, those caste cast masses who are still waiting in line for a chance to deform their gaze upon the same false radiance.

I have concern for all of us, as I do for the infant who does not know that she cannot swim, who does not know that the quarry is deep, and that she is heavy enough to destroy herself.

I turn the edge of my sword towards those sirens who tempt infants towards the gazing pools.

All these screens, all this light,  all just reflections of a shadow.

Simulacrum spectaculaire!

God is shining, but not quite like that.

The Light of the living Word has become its own Holy Ghostwriter, and its metaphors multiply endlessly in the servers of its Host.

In the face of the compounding cluster-fuck of available perspectives, Truth is being violently reduced to its primordial quantum.

Technology is a super-collider for Truth.

“Hmm, I wonder what Truth is made of?”

You are going to find out, no matter what.

I have supreme Faith that the Anti-Truth particle is persistent, all-pervasive, and pointless to pursue.

The power required to produce the Anti-Truth particle is infinite.

Where can all that energy come from?

“Hey, can I borrow an infinite amount of power to produce actual Anti-Truth so as to have some sort of reference point for actual Truth?”

“Ok, yeah sure, just pay me back when you’re in the BLACK”


enter  the C.A.T.A. COMB  if you can


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  1. Hooper says:

    This is just nonsense.

    1. sethsethjohnsonjohnson says:

      Perhaps our work is not for you.
      I detect a fair amount of hostility in your responses to our blog posts. If this is correct, would you care to explain?
      What effect do you desire to conjure by making a claim that something is ‘nonsense’?
      There is apparently no imperative for you to spend time with work about which you disagree or do not like, so clearly there is something about our work that draws your (negative) attention. Would you care to address this as well?

  2. Dennis says:

    Nonsense is relative. I’m reading the post as a somewhat poetic social diatribe which I don’t fully agree with, primarily becasue I possess a somewhat different social outlook. Consequently, I don’t have to agree with something to find interest in it, so I will continue to engage the work. More than anything I am curious to see what comes about out of this line of thinking, what do these thoughts culminate in. I’m here to get a little transmodern awareness going on, so I’m going to keep paying attention in the hope that I can somehow expereince what is meant by “transmodern awareness”.

  3. jametatone says:

    To be honest, I think my post was not quite transmodern, it seemed more at the cusp of post-modern’s hyper frustration. Sometimes, I feel regressive, especially when I have been denying my body’s needs for the sake of intellectual engagement.. The basic feeling of this poem is “sacrifice some amount of computing addiction for meditation and exercise” Transmodern awareness does not overtly favor any one aspect of the individual over any other, and I am still exploring the subtleties for that balance!!!!

    1. I am glad I can read this type of stuff on this blog, and that we live in a place that this work is made available. Please continue, more is welcome. I am in awe of anyone that can sum up this type of work (or any, for that matter) in two syllables.

      1. sethsethjohnsonjohnson says:

        Thank you very much Kurt. We are certainly aware that our work is not for everyone and it feels good to know when people are interested.
        We are not interested in catering to an audience. We are interested in engaging participants.
        Again, thank you for the kind words.

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