Though we at The Center for the Advancement generally applaud digital culture’s habit of disembodying various forms of information, we must say that there is a particular satisfaction that comes along with holding, smelling, and reading an old fashioned bound book. In fact, books have provided us with some of the most transcendent artistic moments of our lives. For these reasons (and many more) we are excited to host an evening of readings and performance, including G.M. Holder, BEAUTYQUEST, and readings from the work of a mysterious 18th century anarchist about whom we know very little.

Battling chronic pain and often stifling poverty, former KC resident G.M. Holder has emerged with a startling debut book, The Introduction to the World. Released in 2010 by Blackout Publishing, these four stories exhibit a social reality of serene deviance, of doomed characters and places that ideally should not exist. Transcending impossibility into magic, where myth and parable suffer equally amongst the true stories out of which they were born, Holder follows his cast of war veterans, refugees, romantic sociopaths, murderers, alcoholics, drug addicts and prostitutes as they traverse their makeshift heavens which are often little more than threadbare tightropes strung over hell.

Locals BEAUTYQUEST plan to debut their science fiction operetta known as PHASE ONE, sure to be filled with bizarre and unexpected beauty.

Additionally, we will be exposed to the thoughts of a vintage anarchist, his words transcending time and mortality to be shared to those of us at C.A.T.A.   Again, we do not know much about this long-dead anarchist, but we do know the following; he is dead and he was an anarchist.

Please join us for this stimulating collection of curious performances on Friday, January 28 at nine PM. Please bring a donation of any sort to help support the artists and the space.
Your presence is a gift.


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