Deep Ecology “Haven” Dedication June 10

The installation of HAVEN, a working beehive sculpture by Jarrett Mellenbruch, in the Crossroads’ 18Broadway Gardens, marks the launch of a planned nationwide honeybee sanctuary project. HAVEN functions in two distinct modes: as a classical sculpture that speaks to archetypal visions of home, and as a functioning domicile for its honeybee homesteaders.

HAVEN is the result of Mellenbruch’s year-long Rocket Grants funded project Deep Ecology I. The hive will be sited in the lovely new garden just south of the Performing Arts Center at 18Broadway Urban Rain Garden (SE corner of 18th & Broadway) in Kansas City, MO. There will be a dedication for the hive on Friday, June 10 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm in the garden.

Thanks to the generosity of DST and the efforts of the University of Missouri Extension, visitors at the opening reception will enjoy a cornucopia of foods made possible by and dependent upon honeybee pollination, from apples, avocados and blueberries to vanilla, walnuts and watermelon.

T0 find out more about this event go to:

For more information about the Deep Ecology project, check out Jarrett’s website at


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