Meeting Under The Dome

Dan, Cyan, and I met for a while at the Planetarium yesterday evening. We looked at several variations of the images that Fred took with the fisheye lens on the Canon DSLR. We agreed that the camera would provide the best images if aimed directly out of the side of the payload box – 0 degrees angle looked the best when projected on the dome.
Dan dropped off the parachute and the radio transmitter.
We had a great discussion about the direction the video would follow and how we will produce it. Still up in the air is the exact format for the performance – how many segments, focus on what, and so on. We will begin to answer these and other questions once we get images and video from the flight.
Monday is the meeting at HMS Beagle for working on the actual box design and assembling a prototype. Hopefully we can include a small data logger that will collect light and temperature data. This was sent by a group in New Hampshire that will in turn make that data available through the National Science Teachers Association network.
Still to be resolved:
Helium source
materials for final construction
logistics for launch day
how will tracking be done
More to come…


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