Ascent Planning Meeting 9/19

Ascent Planning 19 September: HMS Beagle in Parkville
The planning meeting last night included 7 high school students from the Blue Valley School District CAPS program, and 3 students from the Longview College Engineering club. Fred, from MoonGlow Technologies, Vince from MakeKC, Trevor from CAPS, and myself made up the rest of the group.
The BV students brought mock-up models, prototypes, of the payload capsule. What followed was a great discussion about the different designs, placement of equipment and antennas, how to fasten the payload to the parachute and then to the balloon, and so on.
With a suggestion from Vince we used a floor fan as a make-shift wind tunnel and ‘flew’ each of the prototypes. The design that met the group’s approval is a sort of cylindrical and will made using the styro-foam that Fred brought.

Next week the meeting will be on putting all of the pieces together and have the payload box ready for launch the following weekend. Final plans for the launch day will also be worked out.
Images below show the students discussing and testing the prototypes.

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