Ascent Balloon Update

Last night the students from Blue Valley and Longview met at the HMS Beagle store in Parkville and very nearly completed the construction of the payload package. After the meeting last week they were prepared for the nitty-gritty of cutting foam and fitting all the pieces together. As the pictures show it went really well. At the meeting were some other folks observing, in addition to me, Fred, Vince, and Trevor.

We decided to do the release at 11 am so that two of the students could finish their ACT exam. We will be meeting at around 9:30am to start preparations for the release.

Blue Valley Schools CAPS facility
7501 West 149th Terrace
Overland Park, KS. 66223

This will also be our mission control where we will watch the video and track the telemetry until it is time to send out the recovery teams.

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  1. rocketgrants says:

    Launch date Saturday October 1st! Coming up!!!!!!!!

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