Field Trip Prepares for 2012 Lineup of Collaborators

Hello again from Field Trip Publishing, makers of the very highest quality art objects in multiple since 2011.

Since you last heard from us here on the RocketBlog, we’ve been in a wild state of preparations for our 2012 lineup of collaborations. This process began a few months back with the embossing of 20 x silver foil “Special Notes of Invitation.” These were inserted into our interactive fold-and-post Hello There! mailers along with 1 x Field Trip Vinyl Sticker, 1 x Return Postage & Address Label and 1 x Field Trip mini Sticker.

The fold-and-post mailers were sealed, and the names and addresses from our list of 20 candidates for collaboration were penciled in. We hopped in the Field Trip bus, and pealed off to the post office where we kissed our fold-and-post Hello Theres! goodbye.

Upon receiving the mailer, the candidates for collaboration are asked to remove the invitation’s contents and review our proposal for collaboration. If they are interested in our services, the artist circles the appropriate box, affixes pre-addressed return labels, folds the invitation back up and drops it back in the mail! The vinyl sticker & silver ticket are theirs to keep.

Now we are awaiting the response…

If you want to be the first to catch the big news, stay tuned here: FACEBOOK   |  TWITTER

Peace on pals,
Field Trip Publishing

And always, visit us at to see it all!


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