First Lady? The journey begins.

IMG_0077Well hello there, so here we are. You out there on your computer and me blogging, Never thought I would see this day.  But what better way to keep motivated about my project and keep you excited for something that isn’t happening till next May!  Let me tell you what has happened so far. I have spent the last two months working on researching the political scene and the White House. If I’m going to write about it I want to make sure that when you have seen the show you say “ Well, that really could happen” It is of course all being done in a “perfect storm” way though, many many factors must align for it to be so.  I have actually begun writing which is very exciting. Putting the crazy in my head down on paper, and creating a new world. After I figured out that most of writing is rewriting it was much easier to start.  I am a very visual person though so I have also begun the process of purchasing costumes and set pieces. I like to truly see what world my people are living in. I also am thrilled to announce I have made my down payment on the Fishtank for the month of May. Well, that’s where I am so far, not sure how often I will update but if I think of something I will be sure to share.  Now I must get back to writing a script instead of a blog.  Kisses De De


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