Five Alive! Field Trip Publishing Projects FTX01 – 05!

Hello There! 

Field Trip Publishing is a Kansas City based collaborative project founded and staffed by Eric Dobbins and Kelly John Clark. Field Trip enables locally – based artists to explore new possibilities in their own work by providing technical and conceptual direction in the areas of merchandising, promotion, and limited – edition multiple production.

Oh boy! Here are Field Trip collaborations FTX01 – 05. See more project shots at!


FTX01: Candy by Matt Jacobs


FTX02: Anamorphic Print with Viewing Tube by Erin Zona


FTX03: “End Game: A Puzzle” by Lee Piechocki


FTX04: Bag with a Question Mark on It by Jaimie Warren


FTX05: “Fuckers’ Pool” by Aaron Storck

Much much happy to you!
Your friends, ED & KJC @ FTP


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