Byproduct: Final Rinse

Laundromat-Local Pig-41
Photo courtesy of Matt Kleinmann Photography

It’s astonishing to think about what can be done in the time frame of doing one’s laundry. One could sit on their phone and scroll the “news” feed on Facebook, one may read a book, or one could simply just sit there.  A 2012 Rocket Grant, which is made possible through the Charlotte Street Foundation, the Spencer Museum of Art, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, and the Toyota Alumni Fund administered by The Kentucky Governors School for the Arts and The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts has helped bring a variety of projects, programs, performances, events and conversations to the Walnut Place Laundromat; just scroll through the “Byproduct” tag on this website. Over the past year, Byproduct has explored new ways using spare time as a tool for cultural production; it has given a fresh veneer to an already rich public space.

Please consider joining us for the Final Rinse on 12/7/13.

 A Common Sense Reading Series, at 6:30 PM, featuring Patricia Lockwood, Bridget Lowe and Clancy Martin.

At 9:00 PM, Aurograph  will usher out the final rinse. Please join us for libations, improvisations, and some celebrations, on the occasion of this final installment. Note – If you are interested in owning one of our limited edition lathe-cut albums “With Love and Butter” – Some will be available.

This is the final program presented by Byproduct: The Laundromat.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved with the project; dirty laundry or not. Also, I would like to give a very big special thanks to Walle, Victoria, Tunde and Nikki for being wonderful hosts. Without the love, generosity, and patience of the Badejo Family, this project would have never been possible.


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