Last KC Metro outreach for this year

FOKLThis coming Saturday, March 1, at 5 PM, FOKL: 556 Central Avenue, KCK. Map.

2013 Rocket Grants Award winners Jessie and Thaddeus Christian will share information and insights from their Hard 50 Farm Zine Mobile project.

Rocket Grants program coordinator Julia Cole will advise on resources for making a strong application, and then answer questions.

Facebook event page here.

Experience has shown that most artists who receive a Rocket Grants project award have read through the application guidelines and accessed other resources available to help develop and refine their application. You can also request a phone interview to get answers to specific questions about your application in progress: contact julia at charlottestreet dot org.

There will be one final outreach session for 2014 next week, March 6, in St. Joseph, MO. The deadline for applications is March 24 at 11.59 PM.


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