Article about the Warhol Regional Regranting Program’s Origins

ReGrantingMap2014Before you head out to see this weekend’s summer flurry of Rocket Grants projects, here is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle about how the program we are part of got its start.

Since the establishment of Alternative Exposure in San Francisco, the expanding Warhol Regional Regranting Program has funded initiatives in Houston, TX, Kansas City, MO/Lawrence, KS, Chicago, IL, Portland, OR and Miami, FL.

The author of this article, Christian L. Frock, was part of the Art Practical team that visited KC a couple of years ago and produced an issue dedicated to publicly-engaged artwork in the KC region. She also returned to KC for an Invisible Venue project that invited visitors to engage with Jose Faus for a Token Conversation about topical issues – as part of Sean Starowitz‘s 2012 project Byproduct: The Laundromat.


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