Builders Gotta Build

Since being awarded a Rocket Grant this summer, Maker Village KC (MVKC) has made some major progress towards kicking off the Builder Series workshops in the spring of 2015. The demolition at the building is essentially complete, and now the rebuilding begins. During this process we have removed over 7 tons of metal lathe/plaster from the walls/ceilings and have de-nailed around 1000 boards from stud walls/flooring.

Metal Lathe/Plaster
Metal Lathe/Plaster
Finally an open floor-plan.

Even though we have yet to build out a proper wood/metal shop, we have been able to host several events since being awarded the RG that were right in line with our goals. Bread!KC brought over 100 people to the shop on June 26th and the presentations were later aired on KCPT. We also got to host a public conversation on September 12th, The Cherry Pit Dialogues, put on by over 50 KU architecture students that were researching maker-spaces and collaborative work environments.

Bread!KC Presenters
Bread!KC Presenters
KU Architecture/MocoLab

Next week we are excited to hold our first hands-on workshop at MVKC. The talented Charlie Mylie & Lindsey Griffith will be hosting an experiential xmas card creation workshop with visiting LA based artist C.W. Moss. Come see the progress!

Upcoming event on 12/17
Upcoming event on 12/17

For more information about the process of the project go to our blog or connect to any of the following platforms:

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter


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