Royals Manager Ned Yost’s Advice About Pie

Hey Adriane! It’s been almost a year (and 27 pounds) since you convinced me to Let Go of junk food as part of the Freeing Throwers project. Thanks for the brilliant reinforcement lesson last weekend. Who finds a pie in Portland, ME, with David Bowie’s “Heroes” album cover carved in the crust, brings the pie to Kansas City on an airplane, and gets the winningest manager in Royals history to write: “To Mo, Don’t Eat The Pie! Ned Yost” on the box!? Only you! I went to a Baptism the next day and presented the pie, and more importantly, Ned’s autograph, to the baby. All less than 24 hours from the time you got on the plane in Maine. I think you covered all the bases. Oh, and your show about Freeing Throwers at the Kiosk Gallery is beautiful. I especially like the pillow of me tossing the hamburger container. The exhibit gives a whole new meaning to Throw Pillows. Thanks a million (that’s about how many calories I have NOT consumed since giving up junk food)! Here’s comes my bus, gotta go! Your bro in KC,MO

nedyost bowiepie AHpiebox AHBlaisenote AhandDodsonsatKiosk


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  1. adrianeherman says:

    Hey Mo! That was the most productive flight delay I ever had! Yost was kind of cornered there at Gate C36 in Atlanta–I interrupted two women in Chiefs jerseys chatting him up to “ask” him to help you restrain yourself. Since my days decorating cakes with thoroughly hydrogenated icing at Meiners in Brookside (now your Cosentino’s) for $7 an hour, I have been a firm believer that desserts are generally best regarded as sculpture.

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