“Rest Assured You Are [Once Again] Under Video Surveillance”

“Rest Assured You Are Under Video Surveillance” has reappeared between Chalmers Hall and the School of Architecture building on the University of Kansas’s main campus.  Weather [...]

Created Thus Far

Interpreting creation stories through charcoal drawings…

#2 – Our Universes: a storytelling

On March 26th we met for our second session.   When a dancer is involved, everything begins with a warm-up 🙂 We started the day in a circle, rehearsing our budding choreography…READ MORE [...]

Freeing Throwers Roll Out on KC Buses!

Hey Adriane! We’re wrapping up our Rocket Grant and rolling art/ads all over Kansas City later this month via the Metro bus system. It was late March of 2015 when you convinced me to throw [...]

FIFTY at FIFTY FIFTY opens Friday, Apr. 15th

April 15th – June 3rd, 2016 50/50, 1628 Wyoming St., Kansas City, Missouri 64102 In this exhibition over fifty resources are presented by half local and half national artists, musicians, [...]

# 1 – Introductions & Old Ones

On March 12th, we gathered for the first session of Center of the Universe and started with introductions: ourselves, the project and the long, long history of urbanity in Indian country… [...]