50/50 Call for Billboard Proposals

50/50 Announces First Open Call for Billboard Proposals!

 5050kccallforproposalsAbout the Billboard Series:

The series activates a pre existing Billboard on the parking lot where 50/50 is located at 1628 Wyoming Street, and furthers 50/50’s mission of activating unused urban space.

Open calls for proposals occur three times annually, with deadlines in January, March, and November.  Each open call is specific to the respective exhibition on display. Proposals for 50/50’s Billboard Series are open to local and national participants of all ages and backgrounds. The participant’s proposal must respond to the given prompt which will change with each call.

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Proposal Deadline: Midnight CST – January 10th


For more details regarding the progress of the project connect using any of the platforms below or visit 5050kc.com

Facebook: facebook.com/5050kc

Instagram: instagram.com/5050kc

Twitter: twitter.com/5050kc

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