A Place Behind the Sun: Society’s First Visual Art Form


The Life of the Mixtec King, Eight Tiger Deer Claw (Lee Ann Perez, Javier Perez, Clemente Raya, Sr. and others)

Murals are sometimes proof that often we aren’t always looking. Aren’t always observing. Aren’t entirely aware of our environment. Think about the last mural you noticed; likely you’ll have a hard time deciding if it really was one. Instead, you might be thinking of a billboard, wall sign, or graffiti wall. Or was it a civic action that combined paint, community, and purpose?  If you’ll open yourself up to this kind you seeing, you find plenty of murals in the Kansas City region. Over the past several weeks we’ve been chronicling murals in preparation for The Fade, part two of Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style, which is happening Saturday, October 8th at the Drugstore.

When looking at murals it’s good to contemplate what is included. And what is left out. Here are just a few of my favorite murals in Kansas City. Links to others are included below.

Left to right. Entrance to Gage Park (artist unknown); Angry Zebra (Sike); Telephone Worker (Brad Bunch); Hmong Story Cloth (Jose Faus).

Every day I find more of them and discover new approaches to this unique art form. Look to heaven and open up a magic lane.  See you Saturday at 7 pm.

Large-Scale Community History Murals

The Troost Avenue Murals of Alexander Austin

Murals of Avienda Cesar E. Chavez

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