2012 Rocket Grants artists video

This is a video from 2012 showing interviews with artists who were among the first to receive Rocket Grants: Caitlin Horsmon, Resistant History; Jose Faus, Vox Narro; Eric Dobbins and Kelly John Clark, Field Trip Publishing; Jane Gotch, WE!; Judith G. Levy, NV in KC; Misha Kligman and Caleb Taylor, PLUG Projects; Julia Vering, You Live Here Too; Kurt Flecksing, S’Mores Grant Project

These links will take you to interviews with artists who received a Rocket Grants Award prior to 2016, as well as community partners they worked with

The transcripts from the 2016 video clips show extended materials that were not incorporated in the final edited version, including an entire short interview.

50/50: Interview with Cambria Potter, Hannah Lodwick, Chris Daharsh and Mary Rogers

Columbus Park Skate Park: Interview with Keelin Austin and Dan Wayne

Public Service Announcement: KC Endangered: Interview with Jake Wagner and Anita Dixon

Haven: Interview with Jarrett Mellenbruch

Mini Vinnie Bini: Interview with Megan Mantia, Leone Reeves and Jennifer Heineman

Parent-Teacher Conference: Interview with Lyn E. Cook and King Kihei

By-Product: The Laundromat: Interview with Sean Starowitz and Wale Badejo

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