Reflecting on Ten Years of Rocket Grants with Julia Cole

To talk about the ten year anniversary of Rocket Grants is to understand the way that the arts landscape has changed in Kansas City throughout that time. In 2009, “social practice” frequently [...]

From Ivanhoe to Honduras: Battery Tour’s AY Young

Last month I sat down with the founder of The Battery Tour (2018 Rocket Grant Recipient), AY Young,  to chat about what the organization has accomplished in the year since receiving their [...]

Mahaska-White Cloud Community Mural has begun!

The painting of the White Cloud Community Mural has officially begun!   After a series of brainstorming and design meetings we finalized our idea and on May 17, 2019 we started outlining the [...]

I Heart Local Music Presents: Pride for the Masses at Granada!

Based out of Lawrence, KS, I Heart Local Music Magazine‘s mission is to celebrate the local scene, giving attention to a diverse range of artists. On June 8th, they will be hosting the [...]

2019 Award Winners Announced!

The Charlotte Street Foundation and Spencer Museum of Art at KU are delighted to announce the winners of 2019 Rocket Grants Awards: Eleven innovative and public-facing projects were chosen from [...]

These Walls

These Walls will amplify public discourse on housing inequity through an accessible, alternative photography exhibition by and for working-class people. Documentary cellphone photos by low-wage [...]

Before an Immense Sky: A film for the sighted and the blind

Before and Immense Sky is a deeply personal experimental film about marriage, sight, sound, and the boundless distance between people. There will be an audio description of the film made and [...]


  Every day, Benjamin Wills writes letters to prisoners. He has done this for years now and has written thousands of letters. Somewhere along the way, the correspondence gave birth to an art [...]

Racial Equity In the 21st Century

This project will engage the community in a call and response filmed conversation, though means of a mobile viewing and recording booth. The initial ‘prompt’ conversation is composed of archived [...]


RubiX is a performance outlet merging music and movement, by bringing local musicians, dancers, performing artists, visual artists and writers together to collaborate through a series of [...]