Download a 2024 Rocket Grants budget form below. Please choose the format you can work with on your computer.

The recommended format is the Excel file (.xls) because it will do the math for you and you can input more information without causing problems with the table format.

The Word file (.doc) can be used if you do not have access to Excel, but you should keep item descriptions and budget notes to one line, except in the long notes section at the end of the form.

The .pdf file is supplied in case you need to print out the form and fill it in by hand. You would then need to scan the file and save it as a .pdf. This .pdf is also a fillable form, so you can type directly into it and save.

Please save your completed budget using the following naming format: YourProjectTitleBudget.xls, .doc, or .pdf (depending on whether you use an Excel, Word or pdf file). Example:  A budget for a project called Soup Cans in the Park, in Excel format, would be called SoupCansInTheParkBudget.xls.

Then, please upload the document to the Submittable when prompted to do so in the application.

Rocket Grants budget 2024 – Excel file

Rocket Grants budget 2024 – Word file

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