Casting Light into the Darkness


We will choose hope over fear. We will re-imagine our communities, reinvigorate our neighborhoods, and make a new day. Surely you know we can win because our time has come. Join us this Thursday, October 13th @ 6:30 pm for a very special Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style program entitled Center Part. Center Part focuses on innovative ways to activate community and neighborhoods.  Our guests will be Dina Newman, director of the UMKC Center for the Neighborhood, Kendall Harbin, co-director of Front/Space and ZzSchool faculty member, and Phillis Manley who has owned and operated a barbershop for 30 years on Main Street.

But wait. There’s more! Brandon Forrest Frederick will present Come Here, Build _____. In this project, citizens, many of whom feel disconnected to the democratic process and city developments, will create a new form of interaction with the spaces they inhabit. Color your world of tomorrow today.

And now for even more fun. For this event we’ve expanded the social(ist) hour to include a potluck. You don’t need to bring a dish (but you can). We’ll have the staff of life (again courtesy of Farm to Market), drinks, some harvest fruits and vegetables, and plenty of protein. Bring an appetite, some ideas to share, and critique our new hairstyles. See you Thursday!

UMKC Center for the Neighborhood


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