Congratulations to Leralee Whittle – Forces!

2010-2011 Rocket Grants award winner Leralee Whittle has just received a Puffin award to support the development of a new work with Paul Sprawl, entitled “STRANGER FRIEND”. To read [...]

Leralee Whittle ~ Forces presents WorkArtOut this Weekend!

WorkArtOut is a contemporary dance performance including video, dance and live music. Videos by Leralee Whittle feature her making time–based art in gyms and sports complexes across America. [...]

WorkArtOut will premiere November 12 in Kansas City and November 13 in Lawrence!

WorkArtOut features video of Leralee Whittle making time – based art in gyms and sports complexes across America and live music by Paul Sprawl. Direction, choreography and contemporary dance by [...]

Hot Head

This is another of 10 videos for my Video Installation Performance. I thought the environments and movements made sense together. If nothing else there is the color yellow, ridiculous repetitive [...]

“In Disguise” for WorkArtOut

I just finished editing this video for Paul Sprawl’s song “In Disguise”.  I generated body languages based on a young, male character from Thin Skin by Sam Shepard. He’s [...]

Bringing a maternal aspect into the sports arena

I’ve found a couple of women (who are mothers) in Lawrence to include in the show. Marianne, a visual artist working with paper and performance has written a very interesting piece about [...]

New Inspiration

I just back from the West Coast where I participated in a workshop with Meg Stuart (Contemporary Performance choreographer) and witnessed a performance by a young San Francisco artist, Alicia [...]