You Live Here Too Video part II

You Live Here Too Video

You Live Here Too at Presbyterian Manor

Performance artist Julia Vering  premièred her “You Live Here Too” project last Friday afternoon at the retirement home where she works. Not only was the room filled with venerable old souls, [...]

You Live Here Too Upcoming Performances

Kansas City, November 2011, Julia Vering will premier her Rocket Grant funded project, You Live Here Too, a multi-media performance utilizing video, stop-motion animation, an original score, and [...]

You Live Here Too stills from the road

You Live Here Too’s tour was a success.  Audiences most often commented on the incredible acting ability of the senior women actors and oral historians.  Emotionally, the audience seemed to [...]

You Live Here Too goes on tour

You Live Here Too sets out on August 8th to perform a working version of the project across the US.  Many of the performances are booked under the artist’s ongoing performance name, [...]