#7 – Sharing It All

On Saturday June 11th we had a joyous, powerful and beautiful day of discussions, sharing, dancing and making art!  We had an excellent turn out. ‘Twas a good time for both those sharing and those witnessing.  My only regret is …READ MORE>> Advertisements

Dancing the Ancient Ones

The choreographic process: Take 1. Everyone created movements imitating the positions of figures engraved on conch shells found in the ancient city of Spiro Mounds (located in present-day OK).

#3 – Painting Our Identities

(featured drawing & painting by Lupe Krehbiel) Warm-Up:  It’s April 16th and we all gather Saturday morning to practice our group-choreographed dance based on the images carved on ancient conch shells. Sharing:  in the old days, the men of the city of Spiro Mounds wore ear spools, or ear gauges. They were made of clay, approximately…

Created Thus Far

Interpreting creation stories through charcoal drawings…

#2 – Our Universes: a storytelling

On March 26th we met for our second session.   When a dancer is involved, everything begins with a warm-up 🙂 We started the day in a circle, rehearsing our budding choreography…READ MORE >> # 2 – Our Universes: a storytelling