Kansas City: The Center of the Universe

In 2016, Maura Garcia (non-enrolled Cherokee/Mattamuskeet), a 2015 Rocket Grant recipient, launched her project Center of the Universe in conjunction with the Kansas City Indian Center. The [...]

#7 – Sharing It All

On Saturday June 11th we had a joyous, powerful and beautiful day of discussions, sharing, dancing and making art!  We had an excellent turn out. ‘Twas a good time for both those sharing and [...]

Dancing the Ancient Ones

The choreographic process: Take 1. Everyone created movements imitating the positions of figures engraved on conch shells found in the ancient city of Spiro Mounds (located in present-day OK).

#3 – Painting Our Identities

(featured drawing & painting by Lupe Krehbiel) Warm-Up:  It’s April 16th and we all gather Saturday morning to practice our group-choreographed dance based on the images carved on [...]

Created Thus Far

Interpreting creation stories through charcoal drawings…

#2 – Our Universes: a storytelling

On March 26th we met for our second session.   When a dancer is involved, everything begins with a warm-up 🙂 We started the day in a circle, rehearsing our budding choreography…READ MORE [...]

# 1 – Introductions & Old Ones

On March 12th, we gathered for the first session of Center of the Universe and started with introductions: ourselves, the project and the long, long history of urbanity in Indian country… [...]

Very grateful to all of the funders for their support of “Center of the Universe”!!

After hearing from the other grantees, I am excited to be in such good company 🙂  Looking forward to seeing how all of the projects unfold and progress.