The Freeing Throwers are Rolling ALL over KC!

Hey Adriane! Everyone in Kansas City is all excited about the new streetcars. They are nice and new and super quiet and super clean, but you know what? They don’t go very far – 15 blocks, [...]

Freeing Throwers Roll Out on KC Buses!

Hey Adriane! We’re wrapping up our Rocket Grant and rolling art/ads all over Kansas City later this month via the Metro bus system. It was late March of 2015 when you convinced me to throw [...]

Royals Manager Ned Yost’s Advice About Pie

Hey Adriane! It’s been almost a year (and 27 pounds) since you convinced me to Let Go of junk food as part of the Freeing Throwers project. Thanks for the brilliant reinforcement lesson [...]

Off-Putting this Friday night Jan 15 at the Kiosk

This Friday night January 15, 6-9 PM, at The Kiosk Gallery, 916 E 5th St. Kansas City, MO 64106, 2015 Rocket Grants recipient Adriane Herman will present images and conversations that have spun [...]

That Stuff Is Toxic!!! Let It Go!!!

Hey Adriane! Everybody has toxic stuff around the house: flammable, poisonous, or worse. As I said in our last post, in Kansas City, you take the electronics to the West Bottoms, but bad crap [...]

Julie’s TV

Hey Adriane! Remember that night when you photographed me and Julie carrying her TV to my car (I carried the TV and she carried the plug)? I finally took it to the Surplus Exchange in the West [...]

Cracked Screens and More Broken Communication

Hey Adriane! I met a young woman at the T-Mobile store right beside the Paragraph Gallery in downtown Kansas City. Her name is “J” (not her real name), and she’s an Environmental Studies major [...]