Live TV Live: Lip Service

Walking along the East 9th street corridor LTVL took a moment to check in with long-standing 9th street business owners Marty Olson of Do’s Deluxe and Will Ogle of LB Holdings Inc. We came to take the temperature of how the current East 9th street development plan would affect business owners operating along the proposed…

Election Day

LTVL lead political correspondent Biff Beluga takes interest in the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association (ELNA) election when an unprecedented number of candidates put themselves up for the race. After further in-depth sleuthing Biff discovers that some of these new candidates had never previously been to an ELNA board meeting while a number of other incoming…

Live TV Live presents: Cahoots, Chicanery and Carpetbagging

Just this week, a collective calling themselves the East Ninth Street Placekeepers published a highly informative website. The website functions as an archive of letters of concern from Lawrence residents, national publications on placemaking and dis-placemaking, letters to the editor and visual responses pertaining to the ongoing project.

Live TV Live presents: Ghost of Yesteryear; Fall of the Pollinators, Rise of the HIgh Rise!

What kind of shadows are we casting as an “arts community” when our efforts of “placemaking” allow culturally significant works of public art to be destroyed in the name of high dollar development? The destruction of the Pollinators mural is the first public art action since the recent development of Lawrence’s Cultural Arts District. Where will we go from here?

Facing EAST

Through site-specific cinema Facing EAST celebrates the people and culture of the East Lawrence neighborhood. A series of Interviews with sixteen East Lawrence neighborhood residents form this Renku/collage style tale of the much beloved, historical neighborhood and the people who make it their home.