These are some of the excellent press reviews that have been written so far about the Rocket Grants program and individual projects.

Kansas City Star article about the new Rocket Grants program: kc-star-rocket-grants-boost-local-artists-6062010 and an update review in January 2011: KCStar-review_1_1_11

Warhol Foundation link to Star article about the Rocket Grants program: announcement of 2010-2011 award recipients: announcement of awards ceremony for 2010-2011 grant recipients:

Reviews of Johnny America: JohnnyAmericaPresentMagazineDec2010JohnnyAmericaReviewMagazineDec2010

Article about Johnny America and WorkArtOutJA/WAOLawrenceJournalWorld11.10

Article about ASP/SPA/PASASP-SPA-PASReviewMagazineDec2010

Article about Kurt Flecksing and the S’mores Cartkurt_flecksing_kc_confidentiaAug2010l

Article about Endless BoundlessEndless_Boundless_KC_Star_August2010

Article about WorkArtOutWAO_ereview_1-11

Brief article about WEWE_KCStar_3-26-11

Review of WEWE_KCStar3-27-11

Radio broadcast about WE on KCUR National Public Radio: WE shakes up relationship between audience and performer

KC Star article about Jarrett Mellenbruch’s Haven: Working Sculpture is a Haven for Honey and Bees

KCUR National Public Radio interview with Jarrett Mellenbruch on “Up To Date”, starts at 42:30 into the podcast:

NBC Action News spot about Haven

KCUR National Public Radio interview with A. Bitterman : Point of Interest Explores Significance Closer to Home

Kansas City Star Article about Point Of InterestNature is everywhere, including artist’s Brookside yard

New York Times Magazine shout out to Point of InterestOur Favorite Reader Mail, Ever

National press (the Architect’s Newspaper) for Point of Interest: Front Lawn Wayfinding in Kansas City

Warhol Foundation report on 2011-2012 award recipients:

UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance announcement about award to Dark Matter Presents: Ascent:

Lawrence Journal World article about 2011-2012 award recipients Judith Levy, Eric Dobbins and Kelly John Clark, July 15 2011: Rocket Grants reward local artists for their creativity 

UMKC College of Art and Science NEWS, recognizing Caitlin Horsmon‘s  2011-2012 Rocket Grants award for Resistant History

Lee’s Summit Journal article about the upcoming Dark Matter Ascent balloon launch

KC Star article about the opening of PLUG projects KC artists plug into a new gallery in the West Bottoms

Pitch review of Julia Vering‘s You Live Here Too at the Brick

KC Star review of Amber Hansen‘s Story of Chickens Art project destined to end in slaughter of chickens

Lawrence Journal World review of Amber Hansen‘s Story of Chickens Controversy swirls around artist’s plans for project detailing the life – and death – of chickens

Lawrence Journal World follow up article: Poultry not in picture now (features Story of Chickens)

Lawrence Journal World commentary by George Gurley: Eating chicken raised to an art (features Story of Chickens)

Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS)  included the Ascent balloon launch as part of their promotional materials: Brochure for the aerospace engineering program

Pitch article about Amber Hansen’s Story of ChickensSuffer the chickens says Lawrence artist Amber Hansen

Legal Sonar: No chicken shall die in Lawrence by our hands (features Story of Chickens)

Series of posts by United Poultry Concerns, entertainment section, beginning February 8 2012 concerning The Story of Chickens on the Story of Chickens: Dead Chicken Art Ruffles Feathers

KC Star article about the Story of ChickensAnimal activists celebrate as Lawrence blocks chicken art project

Associated Press story about the Story of Chickens picked up by twelve national/international publications

US news msnbc: City: Chicken slaughter art project is cruel (features Story of Chickens)

Compassionate Slaughter as Art and Slaughter as Art Update (features Story of Chickens)

The University Daily Kansan: Artist Upsets Animal Rights Community with Chicken Project (features Story of Chickens)

Wonderwall: Chicken Slaughter Art Project ruffles Feathers (features Story of Chickens)

Gallerist NY: Local artist in Lawrence, Kansas will not kill chickens in public (features Story of Chickens)

Art Practical issue dedicated to public-oriented art practices in Kansas City, featuring several Rocket Grants recipients, including Julia Vering, Jarrett Mellenbruch, Albert Bittterman, Amber Hansen, Caitlin Horsmon, Jose Faus and Sean Starowitz

KC Star article about Jaimie Warren, Peggy Noland and Cody Critcheloe’s DustLocal filmmakers stir up ‘Dust’

Youtube trailer for the Dust movie: A New American Film

Pitch article about Kurt Flecksing’s S’mores Grant project: Kurt Flecksing’s ideas about public space taste like S’mores

Kansas City Business Journal article about the S’mores Grant project: Kansas City food cart aims to offer s’more money for creative types

KC Star review of PLUG Projects Remasters exhibit: Building on the Past

Pitch Review of PLUG Projects Superstruct: Stair Cases

Bad At Sports broadcast of an interview of PLUG Projects by Art Practical

Pitch Review of PLUG Projects Dramatic Chromatic: At Plug Projects, every color five artists could think of

Huffpost Arts and Culture: Artists vs. Animals: 15 artists  who have enraged animal rights activists (features Amber Hansen)

Art21 blog: Gastro-vision, the best in food art 2012 (featuring The Story of Chickens)

KC Studio magazine article A Project of Passion featuring Resistant History

KCUR interview: A New Kind of Wash, Dry, Fold: Art in the Laundromat featuring Byproduct: Laundromat article on One man’s Trash: Artist’s project highlights unusual gift economy in downtown alley featuring Give Take Give

Kansas City Star article on An artist’s film takes a satiric look at KC and its creative core featuring NV in KC

Lawrence Journal World story about NV in KC: Jealous? Artist, filmmaker, explores difficult topics in ‘NV in KC’

KC Studio Story about NV in KC: NV in KC: A story about artists and envy in Kansas City

Article by Sean Starowitz about his project Byproduct: The Laundromat, in Temporary Art Review

UMKC School of Art Newsletter, reflecting on alumni from the 2013-14 Award Winners

KC Magazine ( August 2013 issue: page 40 profile of De De DeVille’s First Lady?

KC Magazine ( August 2013 issue: page 58 article about Dr. Nancy Dawson and Nedra Bond’s If Da Dirt Could Talk

KCUR, national public radio, Darryl Chamberlain and two other artists from the Light in the Other Room interviewed on Up To Date about The Artists For Life Project.

KCUR, national public radio, Laura Spencer updates Jarett Mellenbruch’s Haven project (starts at 42.30)

KC Metropolis article In Dreams and Nightmares about Laura and James Isaac’s collaborative project Into The Night Sea.

Sean Starowitz is interviewed about Byproduct: The Laundromat in DopeKC

KCUR, national public radio, Laura Spencer talks with NedRa Bonds about Stories From Da Dirt

Front page article from the Kansas City Star, Alice Thorson talks to Darryl Chamberlain about The Artists for Life Project

Huffington Post article by Blair Schulman about the Self-Fulfilment of Socially Engaged Art, referencing Sean Starowitz and Byproduct: The Laundromat, as well as The Artists for Life Project

KCUR National Public Radio story about Civilian Projects: Looking at Kansas City’s Vacant Land as Opportunity (features Rocket Grants recipient Jacob Wagner)

Article by Alice Thorson about Stories From Da Dirt: Quilts in KCK project tell a story of history, pride

Pitch story promoting the début of The Hard 50 Farm Zine Mobile: Zine lovers: Pioneers Press has you covered with nearly 2,000 titles in Lawrence this weekend

Liberty Tribune article about The Artists for Life Project: Art exhibit targets handgun violence

Pitch article by David Hudnall about Civilian Stories: Slow-jamming the news with Rocket Grant-backed journal Civilian

Channel 41 story about the Universoul Circus referencing Darryl Chamberlain from The Artists for Life Project

Parent Teacher Conference interview with Chris Demencha Milbourn: Destroy & Rebuild: MO State Rep. Brandon Ellington, King Kihei & Deceit Talk KCPSD

Channel 5 story on Artists for Life: Liberty Police Officer fights crime with pencil, paper

 Beep goes the Weasel on the Inter Urban Art House blog

Story about Artists for Life in the  Kansas City Star: Artists for Life is happy to be part of the solution to violence

Travel guide to Kansas City by Jaimie Warren in Juxtapoz Art Culture magazine, mentioning the Rocket Grants program (page 104).

 50/50 story in January 2015 KC Studio A Creative Transition

Hard 50 Farm Zine Mobile (September 2014 interview): This zine brought to you by a converted animal trailer

 Mini Vinnie Bini (September 2015) in The Pitch: The Mini Vinnie Bini is where a maximalist First Friday starts

 Mini Vinnie Bini Flatland (October 2015): A little version of some big art: The Mini Vinnie Bini

50/50 in Temporary Art review (December 2015):  50/50: An interview with Cambria Potter and Hannah Lodwick

50/50 inspiration for container gallery in Philly (IndyStar January 2016): What’s the deal with that big red box in front of Bru Burger on Mass. Ave?

50/50 and crowd funding (KC Studio, January 2016) Crowdfunding kickstarts the arts in Kansas City

One Struggle/Una Lucha: (January 2016) Diane Burkholder and Celia Ruiz on KKFI Artspeak

Traces and Trajectories exhibition in KC Studio (February 2016): Traces and Trajectories at La Esquina Gallery

Maker Village KC: KCUR (February 2016) Maker Village KC Hopes To Prompt Innovation Through Old-Fashioned Workspace

One Struggle/Una Lucha: KCUR (March 2016) Kansas City Art Activists Add Social, Political Depth To The Coloring-Book Trend

Columbus Park Skate Park: Fox 4 TV (April 2016) Young residents continue to build skating facility at Columbus Park despite knowing it will eventually be torn down

Haven: KC Studio (May 2016): At KU, art meets science in the battle against a deadly disease

2016 Projects: Rocket Grants 2016 winners include projects about queer space, a socialist salon, KC Star (May 2016)

Haven: KC Star (June 2016): Rocket Grant winner melds science and art in beehive project for Kansas City Zoo

Maker Village KC: Up to Date (KCUR) (June 2016): The Maker Movement’s Evolution In Kansas City

Transforming Resiliency while Queering Violence: KC Star (July 2016): Kansas City LGBTQ advocate on ‘white fragility,’ latinx and finding support

Goods Riddance: Off Putting: Paris of the Plains, August 2016: Mo Dickens (Throwing Things Away)

Goods Riddance: Off Putting: The Pitch, May 2016 First Friday plus streetcar equals crowds — and plenty of art for them to see

Maker Village KC: in Spaces magazine, July 2016:

Columbus Park Skate Park: Young residents continue to build skating facility at Columbus Park despite knowing it will eventually be torn down, Fox 4 KC, April 2016

Columbus Park Skate Park: How Harrison Street’s DIY skatepark turned a blighted, vacant lot into a local treasure, 435 Magazine, June 2019

Goods Riddance: Off Putting: Artists Encourage Kansas City Residents To Ride A Bus And ‘Let It Go!’, KCUR, May 2016

Artists for Life: Getting the message to stick, Issu Magazine, Spring 2015

Stories From Da Dirt Nedra Bonds: The angry quilter, BBC, September 2016

No More Nomads: Proust Eats A Sandwich blog, March 11 2016

Wak’ó Mujeres Phụ nữ Women Mural: Stories of Kansan Women of Color: Mural project to collect and depict stories of Lawrence women of color, Lawrence Journal World, October 2017

The Floor: Cat Mahari: Centering Blackness, KC Studio Magazine, November 2017

Lessons from Exes: Kansas City Filmmakers Make Art Out Of Lessons Women Learned From Failed Relationships, KCUR, Dec 2017

50/50: A Contemporary Arts Collective Housed In A Shipping Container, Alive Magazine, May 2017

Lessons from Exes: Film explores the practical side of lost romance, Issu magazine, Spring 2018

Open House: At This Kansas City Art Space, Loitering Is Both Subversive And Neighborly, KCUR, May 2018

Informality Radical Public Programming: Amid Kansas City’s First Friday Festivities, Guerrilla Docents Try To Actually Talk About Art, KCUR, June 2018

Lessons from Exes: Showing at Free Range film festival in Wrenshaw MN, 2018

Eternal Harvest: David Wayne Reed Draws Artistic Inspiration From His Family’s Kansas Farm, KCUR, May 2018

Eternal Harvest: Film Project On Family Farm Earns ‘Prodigal Son’ Status For Kansas City Performer: They say you can’t go home again. But what if you bring drones, quilts and a marching band? KCUR, May 2018

Eternal Harvest: Short film by Louisburg native explores ‘tapestry of our lives’, The Miami County Republic, Nov 2017

Wak’ó Mujeres Phụ nữ Women Mural: Stories of Kansan Women of Color: Mural celebrating women of color to feature in downtown Lawrence, The University Daily Kansan, August 2018

We Are Here to Plant a Tree: KC artist and scientist Don Wilkison says that in art and life, ‘failure doesn’t matter, Interview in Spaces Magazine October 2018

AlterYou Need to Check Out Kansas City’s Madcap Queer Party Scene, Vice, Blair Schulman, October 2018

One Struggle/Una Lucha: Activists, brown and black, unite for an event of art and healing, Kansas City Star, Feb 2016

One Struggle/Una Lucha: Kansas City Art Activists Add Social, Political Depth To The Coloring-Book Trend, KCUR, March 2016

One Struggle/Una Lucha: KC Activists Use Art to Heal – University News, Feb 2016

Black & Blue: Rocket Grant recipient’s documentary to focus on conflict between black communities and black law enforcement, The University Daily Kansan, June 2017

Black & Blue: Solomon Bass talks about his documentary film on KCUR, August 2018

Wak’ó Mujeres Phụ nữ Women Mural: Stories of Kansan Women of Color: Lawrence Journal World, Nov 25, 2018: Mural illustrates stories of Lawrence women of color

Bordes Carnosos: This Kansas City Artist Traveled 2,000 Miles To Report From The U.S.-Mexico Border, Israel Garcia Garcia interview on KCUR, Dec 2018

Battery Tour: Over 1 Billion People Lack Electricity Intro – Battery Tour

Before an Immense Sky: Local film exploring different perspectives in marriage to be made for seeing, blind viewers, Lawrence Journal World, May 2019

#GetWoke: Pride of the Heartland: How Kansas City’s Divided LGBTQ Scene Reflects Queer Culture As a Whole, Into More, June 2018

Eternal Harvest: Honors: David Wayne Reed, KC Studio Magazine, Sep 2019

Julia Vering/Unicorns in the Snow: Senior Citizens and Multimedia Currealism Collide in Julia Vering’s Unicorns in the Snow, The Pitch, October 2019

RubiXFour art events you should not miss in November InKC Magagzine, Nov 1 2019

RubiX: Honors: Haley Kostas, KC Studio, Jan 16, 2020

RubiX: Selected as 21C Kansas City Hotel as the main event for 2019

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