Q: I am planning a two-month long series of engagements with people in the park followed by a culminating exhibition in a gallery in the Crossroads. Will this meet funding priorities?

A: This grant will not fund gallery shows in traditional or established arts venues (unless there is a compelling reason for this choice), but it could be used for the engagements you envision in the park.

Q: Do you need any documentation confirming the availability of a potential exhibition venue?

A: No, we would take your word on that. If the venue is not confirmed at the time of your application, however, you should address what your options would be if it didn’t come through.

Q: I am working on submitting a proposal for Charlotte Street’s Open Call. I thought I would also propose the same project for a Rocket Grant. Would La Esquina or the Project Space, under the umbrella of the Charlotte Street Foundation, be considered “established institutions” or within “traditional forms of support?”

A: Venues of the partnering institutions (Spencer and CSF) are specifically NOT available for use for Rocket Grants projects. There is, however, a possibility that spin-off material from a Rocket Grants event, performance, intervention etc. would find its way into these venues at a later date. The Spencer Museum venue does not include the grounds at KU, so projects could happen around the campus if this is relevant to the proposed project. Please note that we do not consider artist-run spaces to be “established institutions” when the community that the proposal is targeting is the artist community itself.

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