Online Tutorials

Material in these tutorials was current for the 2012-3 grant cycle. Some of the information about the award amounts and some budget and application details have changed, although the general information in them may be helpful to you. Please see the notes below that call out specific changes.

Tutorial 1: About the Grant, and Eligibility Requirements:

Updates: This year the total award sum is $60,000, and grants will be available at the $6,000 and $2,000 level, with 3 R&D grants from last year eligible to apply for a further $4,000  or $2,000 each. Please note that the 2017-18 deadline is March 27 at 11.59 PM. Previous Rocket Grants recipients are only ineligible to apply if they received an award in the previous year (2016). Please check the Application Guide 2017 for accurate dates for eligibility regarding recent graduation from college (changed recently) and the term of the award (generally four years later than shown in the tutorial).

Tutorial 2: A Description of the Kinds of Work the Rocket Grants seek to Fund:

Tutorial 3: Part A of Work Samples that Demonstrate the Scope and Intention of the Grant:

Since the work shown in this and the following tutorial is from the first three years of the program, you should review the Projects tab to see what recent juries have selected as winning projects.

Tutorial 4: Part B of Work Samples that Demonstrate the Scope and Intention of the Grant:

Tutorial 5: The Online Application Process:

Updates: Call for Entry updated their website over the course of 2012, and so the pages look a little different from those shown in the tutorial. Also, the formatting requirements for digital images have changed. For accurate information see this Information For Digital Formatting and Uploading 2017.

Tutorial 6: Preparation of a Budget:

Updates: After double clicking on a cell in Excel to change the text, hit return to exit the cell. Now, with the increased award sum, there is a higher percentage (15%) of funds withheld from the award until the project has been completed and documentation has been received. See the Rocket Grants budget instructions 2017-18 for accurate information. Also, please note the deadline for 2017-18 is March 27.


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