Outreach Sessions


KC80mile2017: There will be a series of information sessions around the Kansas City regional community to launch the eighth round of funding for the Rocket Grants program.

The two-level awards system will be covered, as well as general information about eligibility and funding priorities. At most of the sessions previous or current grant recipients will talk about their Rocket Grants project and experience. We will also be debuting a brand new video about Rocket Grants artists and their community partners this year, and will organize one or two group application sessions. All sessions are free, and statistics show a strong correlation between winning projects and team members who attended at least one such event.

If you have specific queries about your application in progress, after you have looked through all the information sources available to you, you can also set a phone appointment with the Rocket Grants program coordinator. Please email julia@charlottestreet.org to request one. (This link is not active – to prevent phishing – so please copy and paste it into your email address line).

The list of venues for outreach sessions will be constantly updated throughout the 2017 application window, so please check back soon. Another easy way to find out about upcoming outreach would be to like our Rocket Grants  Facebook page!

Upcoming outreach events: TBA


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  1. I would like to reserve an appointment with one of the Rocket Grants staff. I understand that these appointments are designed to ask questions about my application. I live in Kansas City, but could meet with someone in the mornings or during weekends in Lawrence. I can also meet in Kansas City during the mornings and weekends as well.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    1. rocketgrants says:

      Thanks Charles. Can you come to the launch session at the H&R Block ArtSpace on February 5, 2 PM? We could chat after that. Outreach appointments won’t really begin until after the two launch presentations, but you could wait until we post some venues and dates on here if you would prefer to do that.

      1. Sounds good. Thank you.

  2. I was not able to attend either informational session. The first one took place, while I was still at a residency, and the second one during a day I’d already schedule a long video shoot. I would very much like to meet with a staff person to discuss my application questions. My schedule is flexible, and I can meet in Lawrence or Kansas City.
    Thank you.

    1. rocketgrants says:

      Hi Judith! If you look in the about section of the blog you will find that all the material from the launch presentations is now available to watch as a series of six online tutorials. There will also be some individual outreach sessions scheduled soon. Check back in the next couple of days, we should have an initial schedule up for these.

  3. Susan White says:

    I too, would like to make an appointment to discuss my project one on one.
    I’ll watch the blog for a chance to sign up.

    However, the following line showed up in the body of the above text,

    To make a reservation, please email Hannah Hurle at hannahhurrle@gmail.com.

    and when I clicked it said it was a phishing site….
    you might warn others… I assume we watch and wait!

    1. rocketgrants says:

      Hi Susan,

      I changed the link so it is not active, to avoid any odd connections. Please just copy and paste the address into your own email, there is nothing wrong with the address itself. Thank you! And thanks for letting me know there was a problem.

  4. Kelly Y says:

    Hello! I’d like to reserve a time for the March 24 session…but I’m noticing that all these comments are from 2011 and I’m wondering if this information is current. I don’t see an email address to contact on this page…any help? Thanks!

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