The Potluck Cart (R & D Award)

Artists: Taylor Fourt, Jacob Canyon, JC Franco, Megan Ammari

Public space, on wheels – a mobile platform for open visual, literary, or culinary creation.

Bordes Carnosos / Border Carnage ‘MoLCA’  (R & D Award)

Artist: Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia

An evolving, traveling exhibit documenting the immigrant experience of three KC Latinx neighborhoods and their ties to the borderlands of today.

Supreme / Being : The Musical

Artist: Grace Suh

A musical theatre mashup of American reality TV and North Korean propaganda pageantry

Mahaska-White Cloud Community Mural

Artists: Ruby Rhodd + Deborah Bryan, Sydney Pursel

Three members of the Ioway Tribe will bring local and tribal communities together to memorialize the rich history of the area.


Artists: Cecilia Ananya Belser-Patton + Paris Patton

Developing intentional community by hosting dinners to celebrate and support creative projects in urban core Kansas City.

Battery Tour

Artist: AY Young

A social music movement that uses solar & battery-power energy and integrates the audience into performances.

MIXED MEdia: A Healing Arts Journey for Veterans

Artist: John Sebelius

A mental and physical space for veterans to explore their emotions, histories, and stories through a creative healing process and exhibition.

#GetWoke: Queer and Trans People of Color

Artists: Randall Jenson, David Seymour, Jacory Dean, Dr. Alberto Villamandos, Ryan Webster

A quarterly artistic event series for Kansas City queer and trans people of color.

Open House

Artists: Brandon Frederick, Olivia Clanton

An experimental, collaborative, neighborhood-based, artist-driven and artist-centered space.


Artists: Mazzy Mann + Lorelei Kretsinger, Zoey Shopmaker

Transfiguration is a one-time, three day fashion, art, and music festival celebrating queer and trans contributions to culture and society.

Breaking Art

Artist: James aka SugEasy Singleton

A classic Hip Hop Jam with DeeJays, Graffiti Writers and the live creation of art on canvas using Breakdance moves.

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