The Projects 2011-2012

Artists: Daniel Eichenbaum, Bob Riddle, Cheryl Melfi, Richard Johnson, Rebecca Ashe

Project: Dark Matter presents “Ascent”

A community-built science project at the edge of space, generating images for a performance featuring live electro-acoustic music and narration at Union Station’s Gottlieb Planetarium.


Artist: Asma Kazmi

Project: Playing Gender

This project was only partially completed when the artist was obliged to relocate to the West Coast. Funding from this project will be reallocated in the 2013-14 cycle.


Artist: Caitlin Horsmon

Project: Resistant History

A mapping of sites of progressive political change in the history of our region through the creation of a group of films, a collection of documentation, and a series of downloadable neighborhood “tours.”


Artists: Nicole Mauser, Cory Imig, Amy Kligman, Misha Kligman & Caleb Taylor

Project: Plug Projects

An artist-run, curatorial collaboration involving a new collective exhibition space, a “critique night” series, experimental curatorial practices and an online presence.



Artist: Judith G. Levy

Project: NV in KC

A faux documentary in six episodes, featuring a story that, with wit and humanity, explores how envy affects artists and institutions in a regional arts community.



Artists: Elizabeth Lovett & Yair Keshet

Project: Discrete Curiosities

A mathematically derived display system that will be curated based on three thematic groupings, or “sets,” it will travel to public spaces around Kansas City and will juxtapose the work of artists together with that of scientists and other researchers.



Artist: Daniel Parks

Project: Community Projection Week

This project has been withdrawn by the artist. The project funds originally assigned to the proposal will instead be awarded as an additional grant in the 2013-4 awards cycle.



Artists: Eric Dobbins & Kelly Clark

Project: Field Trip Publishing

A workshop enabling eight emerging Kansas City area artists to experiment with new art making practices, collaboration, and marketing through the production and creative dissemination of affordable art multiples.


Artist: Amber Hansen

Project: The Story of Chickens – A Revolution

A beautiful nomadic chicken coop that will reconnect the community with its food cycle when the heritage birds that people have tended are killed and eaten at a communal meal.



Artist: Julia Vering

Project: You Live Here Too

A multimedia performance utilizing video, stop-motion animation, an original score, and local senior citizens as actors and oral historians, examining the construction of identities and meaning through storytelling, congregated living and age-segregated recreation.


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