Artists: Rie Egawa and Burgess Zbryk

Project:  Those Things That Protrude

A temporary public art project with colorful crocheted forms mounted on the side of a building in downtown Kansas City.


Artists: Tanya Hartman and Awein Lual Lol

Project:  Awein’s DreamCart

A carved and painted food cart serving Sudanese food and personal life histories in a variety of Kansas City neighborhoods.


Artists: Richard Fritz, Michele Bridges & Crystal Gould

Project:  Art Is Long, Life Is Short

A multi-media, participatory, online video project, based on stories from teens in the juvenile justice system in the Kansas City area.


Artists: Jose Faus,  Sharon Eiker, David Arnold Hughes, Glenn North, William Peck, Michelle Pond, Rhiannon Ross & Judith Towse Roberts

Project:  Vox Narro –Tell Me A Story

A pairing of writers with immigrant communities around Kansas City MO and KS, to tell stories that celebrate their cultures.


Artists: Maria Calderon & Lacey Wozny

Project:  POP!

A series of social happenings including a bike parade, community picnic, trading post, a sensory dinner, & yoga and dance gatherings around Kansas City.


Artist: Sean Starowitz

Project:  Byproduct: Laundromat

A series of socially engaged workshops, conversations & small site-specific projects in public laundromats in Kansas City.


Artist: Andrea Steudel & Karl Fundenberger

Project:  Cyclotrope Cinema

A workshop series, how-to manual, and outdoor exhibit in Topeka, KS, featuring bicycle-powered, animated film loops.


Artist: Minister of Information (Don Wilkison)

Project:  We Are Here To Plant A Tree

A tree-planting program that engages ideas about arts patronage, and environmental and social justice across the Kansas City metro.


Artist: Dave Loewenstein

Project:  Give Take Give

A book and exhibit based on the gift economy flowing through a neighborhood dumpster in Lawrence, KS.



Artists: Json Myers and Megan Gallant

Project:  Spark Farm Park (with sculpture)

A permaculture farm, community park and sculpture garden in St Joseph, MO

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