ScreamArtists: Darryl Chamberlain & The Light in the Other Room

Project:  The Artists for Life Project (R & D Award)

A collective engagement by artists from the Light in the Other Room, whose mission is to reduce handgun violence in the KC Metro area through the use of compelling and provocative artwork.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArtists: Maria Velasco and Biri Rottenberg-Rosler

Project:  Your Ideal End (R & D Award)

An experimental animation that deals with the topic of child abuse in a domestic setting, resulting in a series of workshops developed in collaboration with the Psychology Department at the University of Kansas.


demonarrowArtists: Jacob Wagner & Yozo Suzuki

Project:  Public Service Announcement: KC Endangered (Project Award)

A creative partnership between the Society for the Prevention of Un-necessary Demolition (s.p.u.d.) and local neighborhoods, that will highlight vacancy, abandonment and the erosion of place.


.Hard50FarmZineMobileArtists: Jessie Christian & Thaddeus Christian

Project:  Hard 50 Farm Zine Mobile (Project Award)

A curated traveling zine gallery and shop, consisting of a converted horse trailer and outfitter tent expansion, that will house a collection of over 1,200 self-published and small press literary and visual arts zines.


reframingthecityArtists: Leandra Burnett, Sarah Murphy  & Kent Szlauderbach

Project:  Civilian Stories (Project Award)

A print and web-based series of artist-driven journals – presenting literature, illustration, and diagrams originating from civic research, and from artists working in collaboration with community leaders and organizations.


monstersoundsArtist: Jaimie Warren

Project:  KC Drag University (Project Award)

This project could not be completed as initially planned. The artist returned the funds and these will be redistributed to other projects.


zhannagoldthumbArtists: Mark Southerland, Hadley Anne Johnson, Peregrine Honig, Laura Frank, Beau Bledsoe, Zhanna Saparova & Matt Tady

Project:  No More Nomads (Project Award)

A performance installation that combines flamenco, sculptural set pieces, experimental music and movement, live video remediation, and conceptual apparel, in a contemporary passion play about nomadic culture and art.


StoriesblogArtists: Nedra Bonds & Nancy Dawson

Project:  If Da Dirt Could Talk (Project Award)

Engaging communities around environmental justice and African American history, through workshops, quilts, and performances of an original play in the Old Quindaro Cemetery, Kansas City, KS


AKB_1732cArtist: De De DeVille

Project:  First Lady? (Project Award)

An original one-act play about the current political landscape of gay rights, offering a humorous exploration of the accidental election of a gay President, and a drag queen first lady.


conjoinedArtists: Laura Isaac & James Isaac

Project:  Into the Night Sea (Project Award)

A multimedia project navigating the unsettling world of childhood nightmares, through a series of short films that combine visual art, photography, and dance with an accompanying soundtrack of re-imagined traditional lullabies.

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