Artist: Jo Kamm

Project: Func-artCommons (R & D Award)

Setting up a system to share locally-made, functional art and design objects, via community-driven artCommons collections.


Artist: Erin Zona    

Project: The Zz School of Print Media (R & D Award)

An alternative school focusing on college-level printmaking and art history for a one-year pilot program.


Artist: Joseph Keehn    

Project: A Mystic Bond of Brotherhood Makes All Men One (Project Award)

Recordings of text and music relating to Gay culture and exploring the notion of a third space, with interactive public commentary, presented in libraries in Topeka and.Kansas City.

.Artists: Lyn E Cook, King Kihei, The Recipe KC (Theodore ‘Priest’ Hughes & Desmond 3-3-7 Jones)

Project: Parent/Teacher Conference (Project Award)

Music video/spoken word performance and public forums to highlight the issues surrounding the lack of accreditation in Kansas City public schools.


Artist:  Cambria Potter    

Project: 50/50 (Project Award)

A space for exhibition, dialogue, and curated programming in two shipping containers in the West Bottoms, Kansas City, with associated billboard and digital.archives.


Artists:  Lyn Elliot, Misti Boland, Caitlin Horsmon, Meg Jamieson, Mary C. Taylor    

Project: Lessons from Exes (Project Award)

A 10-minute film project featuring five regional women filmmakers responding to recorded interviews about exes. Public showings to include restrooms and outdoor venues in .both Lawrence and KC.


MakerVillagelogoArtists:  Nick Ward Bopp, Sam Green

Project: Maker Village Kansas City (MVKC) Builder Series (Project Award)

Afffordable public programming for a brand new Maker Space at 31st and Cherry in Kansas City, teaching local residents to work with tools and materials and build useful structures.


Artists:  Charlie Mylie, Lindsey Griffith, Colin Bright Eagle O’Keefe    

Project: GuestWriter’s Revenge (Project Award)

Custom computer program generates humorous scripts on the fly from popular TV shows and films, for use in public-engaged performances with costumes, sets, and puppets.


Artist:  Damia Smith    

Project: The Weight of an Object (Project Award)

Multimedia, interactive performances involving an outdoor, sculptural display unit, consumer commodities, and documentation of their histories, in downtown Lawrence.


Artists:  David Cedillo, Angie Wolford, Matt Hawkins

Project: Beep Goes the Weasel (Project Award)

Audience-engaged music-making at a drive-in theater, including on-screen projection of people playing assorted unconventional electronic instruments, including circuit-bent fruits and vegetables.

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