This is our scene (R & D Award)

Artist: Leonard Gayden

A multimedia exploration of street dance, involving a 7-part web-series, a mockumentary film, and documentation of a KC locals performance/battle/jam.

Garden Variety Soda Fountain (R & D Award)

Artist: S.E. Nash

A sculptural and public engagement project taking the form of a mobile soda fountain, with workshops and activities for all ages about growing, fermentation, art, and the civic and political issues raised in the piece.


Artists: Connie Fitzpatrick and Marylin Hinojosa

A project for women of color, by women of color, to empower women of color.


Artist: Solomon Bass

A documentary and community dialogue aimed at building a bridge between Black police officers and the Black community during this time of racial tension.

Alter: Art Space

Artists: Bo Hubbard & Boi Boy

A collaborative, multidisciplinary, artist-run space in Kansas City connecting creative disciplines through interactive environments and unexpected programming

Eternal Harvest

Artist: David Wayne Reed

A short film about the cycle of life, projected on the side of a large, hilltop barn on the Reed family’s rural Kansas farm, and cross-pollinating disparate communities in artistic collaboration.

The Roaming Center for Magnetic Alternatives (RCMA)

Artist: Kendell Harbin

A mobile lending library of VHS tapes and video technologies visiting geographically isolated LGBTQIA populations, with artist-led videography workshops to uncover and tell participants’ own stories.

Asiminier: Folklore of the Missouri French Creoles

Artist: Brian Hawkins

A feature-length documentary celebrating Creole history and folkways preserved for 300 years in MO, including cut-paper animations of folk tales with narration in the original French dialect.

Paz En El Barrio (Peace In The Hood)

Artist: Rodolfo Marron III

A publication preserving and celebrating the rich Latinx culture within the Westside of Kansas City, released at a special celebration in partnership with the Guadalupe Center.

The Art + Agroecology Project: AgroArt

Artist: Ryan Tenney

A live-work residency program on a 22-acre organic farm, culminating in a free publication providing remedies for historical land injustices and celebrating the future Black imagination.

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